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At Cyclesense we believe electric bikes will be a major part of public travel's future. Electric bikes can help us reduce emissions, save money and improve physical and mental health. Oh yeah... they're fun as well!

An e-bike can work for you; whether you want to commute to work in your work clothes without breaking a sweat or you're going cycle touring on holiday.

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What are electric bikes?

Electric bikes are bicycles fitted with a motor that provides a power assist whilst you are pedalling. These motors are usually either part of a wheel hub or they're integrated into the cranks. On good quality electric bikes, huge-capacity lithium batteries are used to power the motors and these are usually found either on/in the frame itself or fitted to a rear rack.

By law, the motors are limited to 250w and assistance is provided by the motor up to a speed of 25km/h (15.5mph).

In simple terms, the power assist provided makes pedalling easier.

We only carry electric bikes that meet the high standards we have set ourselves, so we refuse to stock the cheap and nasty, unreliable bike-shaped-objects that are unfortunately all too common.

The benefits

Health & fitness

If your busy work and lifestyle schedule doesn't allow the time for a specific exercise regime, electric bikes provide a solution. Using an electric bike as a means of transportation means that you can still make appointments on time and not in a sweaty mess having done some light exercise.

Likewise, if you like the idea of riding a bike, but hills are too hard, electric bikes will iron them out for you. This alone makes cycling more accessible for people who wouldn't normally ride bikes. With this come obvious health benefits as, whilst you might not getting as much of a workout as you would from a non-assisted bike, you are still getting exercise.

The mental health benefits of riding a bike are well documented. Basically, it can reduce your levels of cortisol (known as 'the stress hormone') and release more endorphins.


Whilst the initial price of an electric bike might seem like a lot, they can save you money in the long term. If used in place of a car journey, you're removing the cost of refuelling and parking your vehicle. Replacing parts of a car from wear and tear is also usually significantly more expensive than replacing bike parts.


Emissions from riding an e-bike are more or less the same as riding a standard bicycle. They are more than 13 times more energy efficient than cars and 6 times more efficient than rail travel. Commuting around busy city centres by bike is often quicker than by car, especially if you're buzzing round at the 15.5mph assistance limit.

What makes one electric bike different to another?

Like standard bicycles, there are a number of different styles of electric bikes available which all serve different purposes. The first question to ask yourself is 'what do I want to do with an electric bike?' If you want to commute to work and back or go for gentle rides around the country lanes, it's likely that one of our hybrid/city e-bikes will be the best option. These are designed with practicality in mind.

On a well designed hybrid the frame will provide a comfortable riding position; sometimes this will be an upright Dutch bike-style position but a more forward sporty geometry is also possible. Which of these you go for is entirely personal so we'd always advise coming and trying a couple to see which you prefer.

Likewise, a number of the bikes in our hybrid e-bike collection have the choice of a step-through or stepover frame. Don't get caught up thinking this is a choice between a ladies' or a men's bike. Low stepthrough frames are a great choice for anyone looking for a practical easy to use bike.

Hybrids will also often be fitted with a rack, meaning you can easily carry pannier bags loaded with all the things you need for work.

If you're someone who wants to travel off the beaten path, the majority of the hybrid/city bikes are capable of light touring, but we also have a range of touring/trekking e-bikes. These bikes are designed to be robust and capable of carrying heavy loads for long distance touring. For example, Koga's E-WorldTraveller is purpose-built for long distance cycle touring. It comes as standard with a front and rear rack, mudguards, front & rear lights and a 500wh battery which is capable of assisting riders in excess of 100km. The savvy tourer would carry an additional battery on the rear rack to swap over to once the initial battery had ran out of charge. This is particularly useful on hilly days where more assistance is needed.

Why choose Cyclesense?

Lifetime servicing on electric bikes

We offer free labour for the lifetime of any electric bike we sell. The terms & conditions for this can be found here.

Experience, knowledge and service

We have been selling, servicing and talking about electric bikes for 20 years. They have evolved immeasurably over time, as has our knowledge of them and the systems they use. We use this knowledge to help our customers arrive at the bike which they'll be most happy with.

Unique, premium & exclusive brands

We have sought out brands that place quality above all else, which we think is of paramount importance when it comes to electric bikes where motors and batteries are involved.

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